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Coming up with your child’s name can be a little scary, could it not? I mean, this is the name they will be stuck with for the rest of their lives. I, as a mother, do not want to make life harder for them just because of their name.

More Than Us

When Michael and I first got together, he already had a son from his first marriage. Michael had primary custody of him and so we thought he would always be the only child. We had no plans at the time to have children of our own.

Five years into our marriage a family friend adopted a 5-day old baby girl. As soon as we had her in our hands, we knew that we had to have a baby of our own. We spent the next several hours impatiently taking turns to hold her. A little over a year later I got pregnant. We were truly excited.

When we told my in-laws that we were expecting, my father in law told us a dream he had the night before that I got pregnant with a girl and we named her Abigail. This was the first predestination of the three of our children. We really wanted a girl and had decided on naming Abigail or Elizabeth.

AbigailA few months later we found out we were having a girl and it was settled. Her name was Abigail. This was so easy for us. Naming our daughter was a breeze.

After Abigail, we did not plan on having more children. I had such a difficult pregnancy that I was scared to get pregnant again. However, God had different plans and I got pregnant again.

As soon as we found out that we were expecting again we made an appointment with the birth center. When we came in a couple days later one of the women told us that she had a dream that we were having another baby the week before, the second evidence of predestination of our children.  Coming up with names this time was a little bit more difficult for a girl. We could never really decide on a girl name that we both liked. However, for a boy’s name, Michael knew right away that he wanted to name to be after his Father, Jack. I was not so sure.

One of my biggest pet peeves is naming your child and then calling them something completely different. I am not talking about a cute nickname that you only called them at home. I had one of those. Since we live extremely close to Michael’s parents, I did not want to name him Jack if we already had a Jack around. It would be confusing. Michael suggested that we call him JW or come up with another name, but our son’s legal name would still be Jack. I still did not like it.

WaltWhen our son was born, we named him after my father-in-law, Jack Walter. I called him Jack. That was the name we gave him, however, Michael and his dad started calling him Walt. Walt was Michael’s great-grandfather’s name. I was a little upset. If we were going to call him Walt, then why did we not name him that. Michael wanted our son to have his father’s name sake, but to call him by his middle name so that there was no confusion. I disagree and called him Jack. I continued to do this, and it would confuse a lot of our friends and family, because I would call him Jack and Michael would call him Walt.

This continued until he was about two years old. One day he came to me and said, “Mommy, my name Walt!” He was not correcting me, because I had not called him by his name. He had always answered me if I called him Jack and he still does. He was just making a declaration that he wanted to go by Walt. I guess Michael had won that battle. As a result, everyone calls him Walt and it confuses him when other people call him Jack.

A couple of years later Michael and I were snuggling on the couch watching TV and he laid his had on my tummy and started praying for the baby that was growing inside of me. He didn’t tell me about it until we found out a week or so later, he thought that God was mistaken and that I wasn’t pregnant. That was the third, and final, predestination of our children. I told him “If you want any more of this you are going to have to do something about that…”. This time the name planning did not begin right away. There is something about having your third child that you are not in a hurry to get there, but you are still so excited. I mean, you already have two, right?!

We waited until after we found out that we were having a boy to really start thinking about what names would be. Michael wanted to name him Harley Danger Badass the Third. NO! Nope. Not going to happen.

I Googled Christian boy names and we started going down the list. Every name that I liked, Michael did not. It reminded him of some other person he had encountered in his life whether good or bad. Finally, we came across Benjamin and we both liked it. As a bonus Benjamin is the last son of the Tribe of Judah. I also mentioned naming him after Michael, but Michael did not want the whole name issue like we had with Walt. So, I suggested that as a middle name. Then, Benjamin Michael was born.

BenjaminOn Benjamin’s day of birth, Michael comes to me and asks if we can change his name. I was a little dumbfounded. I stated we had already filled out all the paperwork, but we could ask to make the change. Michael wanted to give Benjamin the middle name of Frank after an uncle that had passed as a young man. I was okay with it, but I did not want to give up the middle name of Michael either. Naturally, we decided that he would have two middle names. TWO!

Talk about not making it hard on Walt or Benjamin. However, it worked, and we went with it.

There you have it. Those are the stories of how we named our children. We had so much trouble coming up with boys’ names that we really liked, and both agreed on. Looking back now on how things played out, the names that we picked fit them perfectly.

Abigail is just like that – Abigail. Walt certainly is just as carefree as his great, great-grandfather was. Benjamin, now called Ben, is starting to come into his own and blossom as a precious little boy.

Michael and I feel so very blessed with our children. All four of them. Even though Dylan is not of my blood, he is still mine as well.

More Than Us

Now, who out there had a hard time naming their children? Or was it super easy? Now that I have shared our stories, tell us yours. We would love to hear how you decided to scare your children for life, just like we did, before they were even born. Kidding! But really, let us know your stories. We love to hear from you.


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