More Than Us

More Than Us! What does that mean to you?

I want to take a few minutes to share what that means to us and why we choose More Than Us for our name.
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We have been talking for years about spreading the word of holistic healing and wellness. With all of my personal struggles and how holistic remedies have helped me and our family, we wanted to share our story with others that have health issues in their lives. We had been wanting to share our message for several years but were unsure of how to go about it.

In all honesty though, we did not really start this whole thing until a friend of mine introduced me to Hemp CBD oil. We decided it fit with our goals of living naturally and decided to get involved in the CBD industry, and with that we took the plunge.

We had been wanting to build a website and blog for a while, and this gave us the perfect excuse to get started. We wanted our website to be about more than just selling Hemp CBD oil. We wanted it to be about sharing our life experiences, how we got to where we are with natural remedies, and ultimately healing our bodies with nature. Yes we still see the doctors for well visits and if we have an illness or injury that is outside what we feel comfortable with handling at home on our own. We just don’t go running to the doctor with every fever, sniffle, sneeze, bump or bruise. We feel like our family is healthier now than when we were regularly going to the doctors office for all the little things.

So in the process of building our website and learning marketing, I found Tanya Aliza. She is a mastermind at helping others set up their websites to market their businesses. I loved her Ultimate Branding Blueprint. That is a big part of what got us to where we are today with what are doing online. I am helping my husband set up his website and blog using what I have learned through her course. Even the homeschool co-op group that we are a part of wants me to help them set up a website to share enrollment and school related information someplace that isn’t Facebook and easier than E-mail.

Once we started the website, we started discussing the basics, such as, our audience, our message, and most of all our name. What were we going to call this website that we started?

I had gone through several Pinterest pins on “how to name your blog” and looked up several different words and phrases on One night, I was talking to Michael about some name ideas and he said “We need a name that tells people this is about more than us. THAT’S IT, THAT’S THE NAME!” Just right off the bat. (He is good with stuff like that.)

More Than Us?! I liked it, but what was the message behind it?

morethanus More Than Us

This is about more than just us, more than just our family, or our local friends. There are so many people out there that suffer from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments just like we do. We are not the only ones in this boat. I have not met anyone that has not gone through something in their life that they struggled with. It has really helped us when people share their struggles with us and how they overcame them. We want others to learn from our mistakes to help them get over their hurdles.

Our mission, or our movement you could say, is to let everyone know that they are not by themselves in all these struggles and issues that come up in their lives. There are many people that suffer from the same things or something similar.

Our mission is also to let people know that the band-aids that society puts on things is not going to solve your struggles and issues. There are so many more options out there for people. They just have to want to find them and know how to find them.

Think about it. Do you want to just cover something up and set it aside for it to just reappear later, or for it to nag at you constantly?

NO! You don’t. I don’t and we don’t want that either. We all want to get past our hurdles and move on to something else. I have not met anyone that says they are unhappy and they are HAPPY with their unhappy. They want to get past the unhappy and get back to the happy.  I know that we are glad that we got past a lot of the issues we have experienced.

Now I am not saying that we can lead you to never face a struggle again. That is not the way this world works. But, we do want to show you that there are ways, natural ways, of finding solution to your struggles and moving on from them. If they reappear, then you know how to approach the issue and overcome it again, maybe even to the point of never having to deal with it after that.

Our mission is to spread the word of hope and healing with a holistic approach for everyone.

We want to do that in several ways. We want to be able to tell our story with you and the rest of the world. We want to share things that we have learned with you through our blog and social media. We want to even help you spread the word too.

So what do you think? Do you think that our name, More Than Us, fits our mission? Do you think that you want to be apart of what we are striving for? I hope so.

Let us know what you think about our name and our mission. We would love to have some feedback on this journey we are taking and sharing with you. After all this is about More Than Us.

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