You Do Matter

Have you ever wondered what all of this is for? Why are you dealing with all these things that life keeps throwing at you? As a mom, employee, co-worker, or any other person on this plant, you need to know that you do matter to someone.

More Than Us

A few weeks ago, I was going to be gone for a day. I had signed up for a video conference that was going to require a full day at a different location. I had made previous plans with Michael about the day so that way he could be home with the kids.

I got up that morning fed the kids breakfast. I made a list of things that I needed Michael to know and do while I was gone. I got dressed and left. I had a great time at the conference. I learned a lot about the company I am working with and how I can move forward in this business. Never once while I was gone did Michael or the kids call or message me about any problems. It was a great day.

When I got home that night, Michael and I put the kids to bed and went to bed ourselves. It had been a long day. The next morning. I got up and fed the kids breakfast and we were all around talking about the day before.

Michael had taken down our above ground pool for the season. The kids got to play in the mud and then got a bath. They told me about how Michael took them to a friend’s house and there was nothing to do. Michael delivered a load of fire wood to a friend’s house and took the kids. Michael said that they played outside and ate marshmallows, but there were no other kids around. They made it seem like it was awful though.

You Do Matter - More Than UsMy daughter then proceeded to tell me that daddy had made macaroni and cheese for lunch, but it wasn’t very good. So, I asked her what was wrong with it. I make her macaroni and cheese all the time and she always eat it all. She said that it was really “stringy”. Stringy?? So, I asked Michael why the macaroni and cheese was bad. He said that it was not, and him and my step-son also ate some. So, I asked why she is saying it was stringy. He laughed. They had added extra cheese to the mix to make it “cheesier.” (Everything must be cheesier with Michael.)

Face to the palm. I was like, okay?! My daughter continued to tell me that she only likes the macaroni and cheese the way that I make it. Michael’s response to me was, “Honey, we will all die if something happens to you and you are not around. I have no idea what to do.”

I laughed and then gave Michael a hug and a kiss.

More Than UsI know that they love me. I know that God has blessed me dearly with my family. Even in the mundane of it all, I am loved. I don’t always see it though and that makes some days hard. Then there are days like this one that I am reminded, and it makes my heart smile.

It is nice to know that I matter to my family. I know that I also matter to others as well. I also know that at any moment, God can call me home. However, I still do the mundane. I still put out all the little fires that life keeps throwing at me. If something did change, my family would be fine. It would be hard, but they would be fine. This happens to families all the time and all over the world.

So, here is a thought? What makes you unique? Irreplaceable? What makes you the mom, employee, co-worker, etc., that stands out and that everyone will miss in some way?

For me, it is all that I do for my family. The macaroni and cheese I make, the things I find for my husband, and all the other fires I manage to put out.

Find your uniqueness. BE YOU! People love you and you need to know that. It may be hard to see sometimes. Trust me, you will be missed if you move on to that new job or a new change. YOU ARE LOVED, by Jesus most of all.

More Than Us


Have you been here before? Share you story with us.

Are you still trying to find ways that you matter? Let us know. Loneliness and depression are real things and are not to be messed with. Please reach out to us or someone and let them know that you are having a hard time. No matter what, you do matter. Continue being you, because you are loved.

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