WOW, How did we get here? – Our Journey

WOW, How did we get here? - Our JourneySo why did we choose to take this path? Why are we at where we are at now?

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Growing up, I was the sickly kid. If I was around others that were sick, I would get it without fail. As I became a teenager, I started getting “chronic” symptoms. I just thought it was another “bug”. When I was 22 years old, I had my first colonoscopy.

Yeah, I know, 22!

I was young, But I needed to figure out what was going on. See over time, my body stopped digesting my food. Due to this, I was not getting any nutrients from anything I ate, but I did not know it at the 0time. I still did not know it after the colonoscopy.

I did, however, start to get “diagnosed” with “illnesses” and “diseases”. Irritable bowel syndrome, acute anxiety, and a hereditary disease called Gilbert’s syndrome, plus other little things that the doctors started to prescribe medicine for.

The sad part of all the diagnoses and pills was that it did not solve anything. Sure, the pills would help if I had a spell with something, like the anxiety or IBS, but I still didn’t feel good.

When I was 28 I gave birth to our first child, my daughter. When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped taking all medication. My pregnancy was hard. I weighed 117 pounds when I found out I was pregnant. I weighed 92 pounds a week after she was born. All I could eat was mashed potatoes, French fries, and rolls for most of my pregnancy. Do to my lack of nutrition absorption after her birth, I was only able to breastfeed her 3 1/2 months. I was still week, lethargic at times, and lost.

I started seeing a nutritionist/chiropractor. He really opened my eyes to these things I had been “diagnosed” with. I learned through him that I could overcome these symptoms and that I didn’t need pills.

I learned some about my diet specific to my blood type and body. I learned how my hormones played a roll. I learned a lot about “alternative supplements”. Essential Oils helped balance some of my hormones at the time.

So, my journey began to start to try to heal. I was mentally feeling better, but physically I was still weak still only weighing 90 to 92 pounds. I was unable to continue my visits with the nutritionist because of travel and financial means, but I kept doing what I had learned from him.

2 weeks before my daughter turned 3, I gave birth to our second child, a son. Emotionally, Michael and I were in a hard place. We had lost our house 2 months into my pregnancy and we had rented my in-laws house. I did not see what God had planned for us in all this mess at the time, so it was taking a toll on me and the pregnancy.

When he was born, I lost a lot of blood. It took me 3 days to recover from the blood loss to be able to walk on my own. Do to issues with my son’s tongue tie, I was completely unable to breast feed past 2 weeks. I pumped for a while, but my supply quickly dried up.

After his birth, I started to continue my regimens and I started a Paleo diet. From that I learned I was gluten and lactose intolerant. From this, I was able to get up to 95 pounds. I was really starting to feel better all around. I was not 100%, but I was getting there.

4 months after my daughter turned 5 and my son turned 2, I gave birth to our third child, another son. Because I was in a healthier place before I got pregnant, this pregnancy was easier on me. I was myself almost immediately after he was born. He had a tongue tie too, so breastfeeding was hard, but I made it to 3 months with him before my supply went out again.

I started my regimens and my Paleo diet. I stayed at or around 95 pounds too.

Last fall, Michael wanted to hire a Health Coach. Michael had started gaining weight and wanted to lose it. I was in. Maybe I could learn more.

And I did. I learned how to heal my leaky gut, which I didn’t realize I had. I started taking LDM-100 and monolaurin to heal my gut, which helped with my anxiety and my eczema. I learned how to detox my liver to help with the Gilbert’s syndrome symptoms. I learned more about eating right. I also learned exercising that was comfortable for me. I even started to work through some emotional stuff. Do to finances (again), we had to stop seeing the health coach.

Then in April, my friend called me about a business partnership with her and her husband. She knew my medical history also. She told us about Hemp CBD oil and how it was helping her husband.

I got off the phone, told Michael and three days later we signed up. I knew that the product was going to be awesome because of the information about it.

I was completely new to the business side. I had never done anything like this before. I had 73 friends (mainly extended family) in my Facebook. I did not go out. I had no real friends. I had Michael, my children, and my family.

More Than UsBecause of the oil, my anxiety has not been an issue. I am now going to church and volunteering. We are a part of a community group. I went to a lady’s retreat a couple of weeks ago. I now have over 200 friends on Facebook. In 2 months, I grew this much.

Michael and I have financially added to our income. That phone call from my friend has been a blessing to my health overall. Michael tells me almost everyday how I have grown since starting this journey.

We want to help you on your journey to better health and living. So where do you struggle? Finances? Mental and emotional health? Physical health? Or are you like me and fall under answer D, all the above? Comment and let us know.

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