When We Get Sick

So, a raise of hands of anyone who doesn’t get sick? None? Really? Then what do you use when you get sick? Here is what we do…

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In the last 72 hours, we have gotten over 9 inches of rain here in Texas. After a dry hot summer, it is much appreciated for us locally. There has been a lot of flooding in some areas though. Our hearts and prayers go out to those people effected by all this rain. The rain also brings the allergens in the air that the fronts bring in from other places. This always brings the sickness (ugly word) to our house. So, I thought I would give a little insight on what we use to help us heal from the crud that we have come down with this past weekend.


More Than UsWe use vitamins daily, whether we are sick or not. Face it, my kids are picky and don’t always get the nutrients they need from the food they eat. We use the SmartyPants brand. I personally use the Smarty Pants Women’s Multi-Vitamin. We use the SmartyPants Kids Multi-Vitamin for the kids. This multi-vitamin uses methlyfolate which is easier for the body to break down and the only way some people can get their folic acid in, like those with MTHFR. The SmartyPants brand is also gluten free.

We also use a gummy Vitamin C that we get from our local health food store. We take it daily as recommended on the bottle. When we are feeling under the weather, I up the gummies. I give the kids each an extra gummy and I will take an additional two.


We also do supplements daily, but we do add some when we are not feeling well. Our main daily supplement is a probiotic. We use the SmartyPants probiotic. We only take the probiotic as recommended whether we are sick or not. I don’t really change anything with this. I have found that too much probiotic can cause diarrhea in the kids. It can also mess with my leaky gut issues if I have too much good or bad bacteria in my gut. I take LDM-100 and Monolaurin when I feel that my gut is out of balance. Together they balance the good/bad bacteria ratio in my gut, so it is running like it is supposed to.

Something that we also take daily is our CBD oil. I do up the amount that we take when we are not feeling well. CBD oil works with so many things in the body to help it work well. Taking CBD oil daily is a great preventative to things like a common cold or stomach bug. It has worked for us several times.

Colloidal Silver is something that we add when we get sick. The silver is great for getting rid of the extra mucus in your body. When I first heard about it a few years ago, I gave it a try and it cleared up the extra fluid in my ears within the week. Colloidal silver is one that we add on when the mucus in the body goes crazy, but not one that we take everyday.

Elderberry Syrup is another one that we add when the icky takes hold. Many people use it as a preventive and take it daily. I am concerned that our bodies will build up an immunity to it, so we start taking it at the first signs of sickness, especially colds and the flu. We get our Elderberry Syrup from a local lady that make it, or I will make it myself. Nature’s Way is a good brand you can buy at your local health food store or Amazon.

External Remedies

More Than UsWhen we start to feel bad one of the first things I do is break out my essential oils. Now the kid’s diffuser runs every night with various oils that help them recover from their day and sleep well. When illness strikes, we add extra oils. A good one for congestion is Breathe Ease by Rocky Mountain Oils. Another good blend for allergies is Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon. We prefer the Young Living and Rocky Mountain Oil brands ourselves.

One thing that I grew up with was Vapor Rub. I still use something like it. When we get sick with a cough, cold, allergies, flu, etc., I break out Maty’s All-Natural rub. I put it all over the feet when the kids lay down. I put it on my feet too, but I like to wear socks over my feet to help it stay on. I will also use it on the chest. Maty’s has a great all-natural line for babies and kids.

One of my favorites for congestion is a neti bottle or neti pot. I have tried several kinds, but my favorite is the Neil Med SinuFlo Ready Rinse. I use it in the shower, but you can do it over the sink as well. It is gentle enough for the kids to use too. My daughter likes using it.

More Than UsOne thing I had to do this past weekend was sleep propped up. I had so much drainage after turning on the diffuser that I kept gagging. GROSS! Being propped up was the only way I could sleep. Add a couple of extra pillows and lay on your back to sleep. I hate sleeping on my back, but when I need to feel better, I have to do what needs to be done.

Another good thing to help open you up is steam. Our shower in the master bath in kind of in a separate room with a door. So, I turn on the hot water and crack open the door of the shower and the kids and I will sit on the toilet with the doors closed and just breathe in the steam. When my kids had pertussis last Christmas, the steam helped a lot.

Hot tea is also good to break up congestion. We like to use Celestial Seasonings Honey Lemon Ginseng blend. Peppermint tea is also good. Sometimes just the smell and the steam from a cup of hot herbal tea makes my head feel better.

Over the counter

When home remedies just won’t cut it there are a few over-the-counter medicines that I turn to. Mucinex is one of the. Not the DM version, just the regular Mucinex. You can buy just guaifenesin also if you are worried about using something like Mucinex. I have heard that it helps with other things. In our house, when the mucus is bad I use it for me and the kid version for the littles.

Now my husband is a big baby. What man isn’t when he gets sick. He is also a little hard headed when it comes to taking things. He does not take the vitamins or other supplements daily like the kids and I do. When he gets sick, I will get some cold medicine for him at the store. He also can easily take this to work with him and survive the day.

Now I am not a health care provider. I am just letting you know what works for us. Please seek medical care when necessary. There are times when modern medication is needed. Holistic care is great, and we prefer it at our house, but again sometimes a prescription is what is best.

More Than UsYou also should be getting plenty of water and rest as well. We also use our chiropractor when needed. Good sunshine is good too. Soak up that vitamin D.

So now that you know what we use when illness strikes, let us know what you do when you get sick. Comment below and tell us your favorite ways to feel better. Did we miss anything? We are always up for trying new things when we get sick. The goal is to feel better faster, right?

Thanks for tuning in. Until next time…


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