More Than Us
"My son was diagnosed with autism and ADHD in October of 2017. He was recommended to go on medicine for the ADHD and at age 6 my husband and I didn't feel medicine was the right path for us. We discussed the use of CBD oil, but I didn't know much about it and wasn't able to find much information on it. In February 2018 we moved from Oklahoma to California. This caused my son to start having extreme anxiety and his OCD tendencies worsen. In the state of 'I have to do something', I ordered a CBD oil from a company that I had heard things about. We got it and it worked pretty good but the tastes was HORRID! I don't know how my son managed to take it because it made me so incredibly sick. Well one day I saw Michael post on a new business venture he and Jessica were taking. I talked to him about it, about my son, and the CBD we were using at the time. When it came time for them to launch their business I was right there wanting to know more. We just so happened to win a bottle from them which came at a time we so needed another bottle, but finances didn't allow for us to purchase. After having used this I can say that we see so much improvement in our son, as well as myself."

- Stephani