More Than Us
"Thank you to both of you for suggesting the product and the incredible amount of education and support you put behind it. Between 1999 and 2007, I had a significant problem with crystal meth. I entered recover in 2007 and while getting clean was an amazing thing, I began to learn the consequences... One of the hardest physical issues was developing insomnia. Once I feel asleep I was fine, but getting there was difficult. Usually I would fall asleep around 3:00 AM and then have to get up at 7:30 AM. Over the year, my doctor tried different sleep medications with hit and miss success. Two years ago, I noticed that on the nights I had a hard time falling asleep I would start to toss and turn. A little research and a discussion with my doctor, we realized I had developed anxiety related to the insomnia. [The product] supports me in two ways. I add it to warm tea before bed and it helps me fall asleep. It has cut the difficult nights by 2/3. And on the nights it is still hard to fall asleep, I am not experiencing the anxiety I had before... The Facebook page provides amazing information and motivation and a sense of security that if I did have a question, an answer is never far away!"

- Jeff