Our Newest Adventure

So have you ever had a wild brained idea? Did you go with it or was like “no way”? Well let us tell you about our newest adventure and what we are doing. 

More Than Us

So back in the spring there was a business opportunity that came across my email to take over a children’s consignment franchise. After speaking with the lady and weighing the numbers of the business plan, Michael and I decided this specific opportunity was not for us.

Time moved on! However, the consignment event did a lot for the mothers and children in our community. So it weighed on my mind that our town still needed to hold the event or at least something similar.

Clothing is expensive. We knew that we don’t have a lot of money to drop on new clothes for our kids during the year. Lets all face it, kids grow fast and they are hard on their clothes and shoes. If anyone ever tells you that it is not expensive to raise children, they clearly have not been responsible for children! On top of this, families that have 3, 4, 5, 6, or even more kids have such a hard time providing brand new clothing for their children.

Of course there are resale and second hand shops around, but some times good clothing is hard to find. Some of those shops even charge as much as the clothes would be brand new.

There are several consignment events for moms and kids that are well established, have tons of moms and dads that participate in them, and are well organized.

So all of this has been going through my mind the last few months. The business opportunity that was presented just was not going to happen, it did not make sense financially. Then I got to talking to some of the moms in our co-op group and at church. We talked about how much the consignment event was needed, not only for the clothes, but for moms to make some extra cash too. The other consignment events close by are at least an hour away one way. That is a drive, especially if you have to bring your kids with you. Some of those events even charge more to sale at the event and for simple things like parking.

So I was mentioning to Michael about the conversation that I had with these other moms and how we were going to need to find new pants for the boys soon since winter is coming. Michael suggest that we hold a smaller version of the bigger consignment events ourselves. My initial reaction was, “Really?”

After some discussion (and no planning), we made a post on Facebook. In the first 24 hours I got 29 people wanting to consign and a total of 48 that wanted to be a customer. I am still getting responses! WOW!!

More Than UsWe are proud to present the More Than Us Children and Maternity Consignment Event. We are working on a location and the materials for tables and clothes racks. Can some one say overwhelmed? Because now we are like, “what did we sign ourselves up for?” 

This is something that has been on my mind. We want to help families in the area like our family has been helped by similar events in the past. If this was just an idea all of a sudden, we probably would be taking more time to think and pray about it. Since it has been something that we have already been thinking and praying about, we are jumping in.

So that is our spur of the moment event and newest adventure for now. Stay tuned for more. There will definitely be more.

So what about you? What crazy ideas have you had that you went for? How did they turn out? Or are you still thinking and praying on your idea? We would love to hear from you. Any good pointers on what to do for our crazy idea is always welcome as well. What do you think of our newest adventure.


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