My Journey To Motherhood

We all have a journey to somewhere in our lives. Mine was my journey to motherhood, becoming a MOM!

Journey To Motherhood

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When I was young I saw children, myself included, as a burden. An unwanted distraction. My family was far from perfect. I had made up my mind by age 16 that I did not want children of my own. Children were distractions to succeeding in life, or so I thought.

Through high school and my first year of college, I worked toward my career. I wanted to get my degree in Architecture and own a construction company one day. Then during my second year in college Michael and I started dating. He had a son from his first marriage and that is all he wanted to have as far as children went.

Journey To Motherhood

 A little over a year after we started dating, we got married. I became a step-mother to a 3-year-old. Even though I now had the title, I was not a real mom. I was more of a glorified babysitter in between visits with my step-son’s mother and Michael’s other family. I know that sounds bad, but for the most part it worked at the time. This was not the beginning of my journey to motherhood, but I was ready to be a step-mother.

I also had realized at this point mainly due to finances that I would not become an Architect or own a construction company. Instead I changed my degree to business.  I then turned my focus now on my career in Human Resources, a wife, and a part-time mother. Life chugged along. It was not easy in the least.

Journey To Motherhood

I changed my career again to accounting, but I completely put my degree on hold. My husband and I were trying to figure out married life, dealing with issues in money, health, parenting (even though we just had his son at the time), and other family issues that came up. We chugged along…

In this time, we also found God. We both knew God, but we found Him in our marriage. This Changed Everything!

Then 6 years into our marriage a family friend, who was a foster parent, brought over a 6-day baby that they had just started fostering. My husband and I fought over who was going to care for this little baby during their visit. After that day, I told Michael that I wanted a child. I do not know what, but something that day snapped in me to want my own baby. That day began my journey to motherhood. That Day Changed Everything! Again!

Michael and I began planning on having a baby. I decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I wanted to give my attention to taking care of my children. So again, my career changed. Financially we were in a better place. Michael was co-owner in a business with his dad and it was going well. My step-son was still living with us. He was 9-years-old at this point and had a sister, through his mother, so he knew what being a sibling would be like. We thought we were ready, so we conceived in May of 2011.

Journey To MotherhoodIn February of 2012, our daughter was born. She was born a happy, healthy little girl, especially since I had quite a few pregnancy issues (but that is a story for another day). That is how I became a mom, not a step-mom, not a babysitter, an actual mom.

I learned very quickly, even while I was pregnant, that children were not a burden. They were a gift from God. Now I have three of my own and my step-son. I will tell you more about my boys, as I call them, in another post.

That is how I went from career woman to mom. I love every minute. It is not easy, but it is not a burden either and I would not change it for anything.

Journey To Motherhood

Do you have a journey to motherhood, or did you know all along that is what you wanted? We want to hear about your journey to motherhood or parenthood. Please leave us a comment telling us a little about your adventure.


Like a said before, it is not easy being a parent. What has helped you the most? Do you have a support group in your area that you attend? I have my church. At The Hill Church in Cleburne, Texas, there are a great group of mothers, and fathers, who lift each other up and encourage one another through our journey to motherhood and beyond. If you do not currently have this in your life, I encourage you to try and find it. It does not have to be a support group. I found my in the least place expected.


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