Life Coach – To Have Or To Have Not

Have you heard of life coaching? Health coaching? Marriage coaching? It was fairly new to me when Michael suggested that we give it a try.

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Michael called me one day saying that he had met a man that was a life coach. Michael wanted to sign up with him so that way he would have some accountability for losing weight and gearing up for Spartan races. Michael also suggested that I sign up as well so maybe I can find out what is going on with my health.

As you may have read in my other posts, I have Gilbert’s Syndrome and I suffer from a multitude of other ailments. So with Michael’s suggestion I decided to give it a try. That week we had an initial phone call with the coach. This was a get to know one another and start setting goals kind of a call. It went well and we signed up with the coach, Aaron Dokos.

So what did we sign up for? Well, we got to speak on the phone with Aaron once a week to update on goals. We also got unlimited text messaging and emails with Aaron. So the first week we set goals and off we went.

More Than UsI loved it. Not only did Aaron get me on track with my health, he also helped me begin to work through some emotional issues that I was having. I started journaling and working out things that were hurting me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Health wise, Aaron introduced me to LDM-100 and monolaurin. These two supplements helped heal my gut from years of turmoil from the effects of Gilbert’s Syndrome. Aaron also talked to Michael and I about how to start eating healthier. I also learned how a burst of cold water in the shower was beneficial and it actually made me feel better.

We were clients of Aaron’s for 3 months. Through those 3 months we had an accountability partner that helped us begin living a healthier life. We have taken what Aaron taught us and implemented it and still use some of the practices now.

After some financial issues, we regretfully decided it was best to take a break with Aaron coaching. It was a tough decision, because he had helped us so much. So to answer the question, should you get a life coach or not?

My answer is, it depends. Do you want to better yourself, but are unsure how? Are you looking for an accountability partner, maybe outside of the home, to help you get yourself in order? Are you willing to be honest and open with the coach? Are you looking for someone who can help you discover your blind spots? Someone who is objectively unbiased?

If you said yes, then YES! Coaching would definitely benefit you. I would definitely do your research and interview a few coaches if necessary. Find someone that you work well with. You do not want to pay for something that is going to send you backwards or hurt your goals in life. All coaches should offer a get to know you call to make sure it will be a good fit for both coach and client.

More Than UsMichael got so much out of the coaching and his other endeavors from this that he has started to become a certified coach as well. He is focusing on Relationships and Parenting. I am so proud that he has decided to start this journey. He was a speaker at a conference back in February and he got such positive feedback from the men at the conference. He has also worked with several men over the last year and a half in their marriages, and unfortunately in a couple cases working through divorce. Hopefully he can begin to spread that help to others just like Aaron did for us.

Coaching may not be for everyone. You are going to have to want to work on yourself with the coach for it to work out. However, if you are in need of someone to help you along, then I would suggest to start to research coaches in the areas that you want to build or change.

So what do you think? Is coaching a good tool to have? Have you used a coach before? To me they are kind of like physical trainers at the gym. They are a great place to get started and can take you further than you can alone. Let us know what you think.

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