The Joy a Chiropractor Can Give

Chiropractic Care!! Have you heard of it before? Oh what a blessing it is to receive the joy a chiropractor can give.

More Than Us

A little over a week ago Michael and I stopped at a restaurant for lunch with the kids. As the hostess was seating us, she was making polite conversation and asked what we had been doing. I just said that we had just finished with a doctor’s appointment. Michael quickly added that it was a chiropractor appointment.

More Than UsThe hostess was a little surprised it seemed. As she seated us, she asked which one of us got to see the chiropractor. Michael told her “all of us.” That really sparked her curiosity. She had stated that she should try it because she never had before. We agreed with her. We told her all about Dr. Kristen Hosaka at Turning Point Wellness in Burleson, Texas.

We have been seeing Dr. Kristen since I was 28 weeks pregnant with our first child. Dr. Kristen sees patients of all ages, but she specializes in pregnant women, babies, and children. My children are excited to go see her every time.

More Than Us

Talking with the hostess got me thinking that in the last seven years since we have been seeing a chiropractor, we have had less modern medicine intervention. We have received so much joy that our chiropractor has given to us.

More Than Us

Don’t get me wrong, there are good reasons to see a modern medical doctor. All I am saying is that when your body is working properly, you don’t need to see a doctor as much. And who really likes going to visit the doctor’s office?

More Than Us

I don’t know all the science behind chiropractic care. All I can say is that a good chiropractor can set your body to work the way it is supposed to.

Most people are not open to chiropractic care from what I have seen, and some of this is because of what has been portrayed on television. That is completely inaccurate. If you can find a good chiropractor, then it is so worth it. Here is a great article on some of the myths about chiropractic care.

Michael, the kids, and I go to see Dr. Kristen every two weeks. That’s what works for us. We have found that after two weeks of the day to day activities, we need an adjustment. Sometimes we even go more often, especially if someone has an injury.

More Than UsDon’t just take my work for it. Google it. Ask your friends and family. Call and interview a few local chiropractors. We have several great chiropractors in our area that we know of. If you are local to us, let us know and we can share some resources.

Okay now lets hear from you. Comment below and let us know the joy a chiropractor has given to you. We would love to hear from you.

If you have no experience, are you interested? You can find local chiropractors for your area by clicking here.


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