Fun Things We Do For Fall

IT IS OCTOBER!!! YAY!!! That means that it is fall. My favorite season. I am going to share some of our favorite things to do during fall.

More Than Us


I love decorating for all holidays and times of the year. However, fall is by far my favorite. Michael is not into putting up and taking down decorations, except at Christmas. (He is all about the Christmas.) The kids and I on the other hand are already planning what we will make to put around the house to decorate. Wreaths, homemade crafts, essential oil blends for fall, etc. Fall will definitely be in the air at the Repenning house.

Visiting the Zoo

We like to visit the zoo every year. We like to try to visit in the spring after the animals have had their babies. We also like to go in the fall. Not only is the weather nicer, we can see how the babies have been doing at the zoo. Since we homeschool, we like going to the local zoo’s homeschool day. They have discount prices on tickets and activities that the zoo hosts.

Playing Outside

More Than Us

So we live in Texas and our summers are HOT!! Not just one or two days hot either. We have about two to three months of unbearable heat sometimes. So we don’t spend much time outdoors after nine in the morning and before seven at night. But now when fall comes, we spend so much more time outdoors. I will open the windows and leave the doors open and the kids will run around the yard and play. This time spent outside is much needed for everyone to soak up that sunshine and have some fun.

State Fair of Texas

More Than UsIn Texas, every year from the end of September to the end of October, there is the State Fair of Texas. It is so much fun. They have rides and food, petting zoos, a car show, activities, vendor booths, and so much more. Plus they have Big Tex. Michael and I have been going long before we were married and we like to take our kids too. Again, since we homeschool the kids, we can go during the week when the crowds are not so bad.

Roasting Hot Dogs and S’mores

More Than UsWhen the weather gets cooler, we start bringing out the wood and make a fire. Michael will make a fire in the pit and we will sit around and roast hot dogs on a stick. This makes for a fun and easy dinner throughout the season. We will also roast marshmallows, the kid’s favorite, and make S’mores. Such fun!


The nearest camp site, lake, State Park, or even in our own yard, it doesn’t matter because we like to camp. Fall is a great time for us as the weather cools. If we go to the lake then we can also fish and hike. If we stay at home, then we start the fire in the pit, make hot dogs and S’mores, and camp in the tent for the evening. You don’t need to go far to enjoy camping.


More Than Us

Oh pumpkins! I love, love pumpkins. When the local grocery stores start to sell the pie pumpkins, I begin to stock up. I roast them in the oven and freeze the pumpkin to make pies, soups and other treats all season long. If I get enough, they will last me in to the spring. We also like to go to the local church and pick the big pumpkins for decorations and carving. The kids will get dressed up to for our fall pictures with the pumpkins. 


More Than UsHalloween is a favorite holiday at our house. We are not really into the scary, gory side of Halloween. We dress up in something fun and go into town to go Trick or Treating. This year, our church is having a gathering at one of our friends house. We will be handing out candy and fliers and the kids will get to go around the neighborhood and trick or treat with their friends. We are really looking forward to Halloween this year. 

Local Events and Fairs

Another fun thing that we like to do is go to the local Fall Festivals and Craft Fairs. This is a great way to support our local churches and businesses. We will go and do some Christmas shopping for extended family and friends also. Plus we get to get out of the house and have some fun.


Another big holiday of fall is Thanksgiving. We love spending time with our extended family. We only get to see them so many times of the year and Thanksgiving is one of those times. We like to have the old fashioned Thanksgiving with turkey and stuffing. We have everyone gather and give thanks. We also like to watch the parades on the television. It is always nice to spend time with family.

With fall being here is means Christmas is coming soon. So we are getting ready. But, we really enjoy this time of year. The cooler weather, all the activities, and the time with family. Fall is a great time of year. We are attended our first Craft fair this past weekend.

So there you have it. These are our favorite fun things that we do for fall. What are some of the things you do with your family during the fall? Share your traditions and activities with us. 

Hope to hear from you soon. Until next time….


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