Have you ever struggled with feeling like you are where you want to be in life? Has your wellness and financial security caused you concern? On some level most people have this struggle at some point.

Hi. We are Michael and Jessica Repenning. We have struggled with health, finances, parenting, etc. You name it we have been there. We want to share our story with you and empower you to get through the struggle to the other side.

More Than UsMore Than Us

More Than Us

Our Why

We are the blessed parents of four children, three boys and one girl. Michael works outside the home and Jessica is a work at home mom. We are entrepreneurs that own a business on the side as well. Jessica has struggled with health issues since a young age. It wasn’t until 2006 that Jessica started to see that her health and wellness was going to be a big focus of her life. Over the years, she went to several modern medical doctors, only to be put on another pill or be told she has another ailment. After the birth of our daughter in 2012, Jessica visited a nutrition specialist and started to receive some good answers on how to cope. COPE! We want so much more that to just cope with Jessica’s health. Don’t get us wrong, the nutritionist helped so much in putting us on a tract to a healthier life, but we needed more. So after more natural doctors, diet changes, and two more pregnancies, we decided to higher a health coach. Finally, we both found someone who was willing to poor into us the way we needed. After some tweaks to our routines, Jessica found ways to start healing. Michael even begin feeling better himself and started to run marathons and races. However, the struggle was still there. Please watch Jessica’s short video sharing her story. 

Our Opportunity

On top of the health aspect of our journey, we are natural entrepreneurs. We own a transportation company on the side as well as a few other small ways to try to increase our finances. However, we were looking for more. We have been looking to increase our financial freedom and Michael’s ability to work at home more. Michael works more than 60 hours a week sometimes. As many might know, it is hard to maintain that kind of work week and raise a family. So, we were open to more possibilities.

One came along, and not one we were expecting. Jessica got a call from a friend explaining a new business opportunity that she felt we would be good to partner with her. Within 3 days we were signed up and getting ready for the business to begin. In the process, we have welcomed the chance to experience financial freedom, time freedom, and lifestyle freedom to obtain our goals. This opportunity has been amazing. Not only has it helped increase our income, Jessica has been giving the chance to start to heal, with the use of the products, even more so than we ever thought possible.

Our Future

Our family has grown so much since we have started. We are here to share our journey with you and show you how the company that we have become apart of has helped us work towards our health and financial goals. We want to help you with your struggles and hopefully have the company help you as well, just like it has helped us. This is “More Than Us” when it comes to finding a solution to what ails you in your life. We hope you embark on this journey with us to grow in to the successful person you can be, for you and your family.

If you want to learn more, please join us for a tour of how you can have this opportunity too.

More Than Us