A Call To Arms

“There is a constantly reoccurring notion that real manhood is different from simple anatomical maleness, that it is not a natural condition that comes about spontaneously through biological maturation but rather is a precarious or artificial state that boys must win against powerful odds. This recurrent notion that manhood is problematic, a critical threshold that boys must pass through testing, is found at all levels of sociocultural development regardless of what other alternative roles are recognized.” David Gilmore

In the modern vernacular they call it “toxic-masculinity”, I rail against that notion, that lie, the outright deceit. There is no toxic-masculinity. Masculinity is not some sort of poison that you drink and turn into a grotesque caricature of a raging testosterone fueled beast. No, masculinity is a skill that is honed and refined daily that objects and abhors all that is toxic. Masculinity rescues the maiden, masculinity stoops down to console and caress the child, masculinity reaches out a calloused hand to pull his bloodied brother from the gutter of life to dust him off and send him into the future to do the same for another man. Masculinity is a place of sanctuary to those who seek it, and a place of violence for those that seek to bring harm to the weak. Masculinity is not a hurdle to be overcome, or a venom to be sucked out and spat upon the ground. Masculinity is not some infectious blight on society, masculinity is the panacea to society’s woes. 

Look around you at the men you know in your life. How many of them are outright destructive? How many of them are needlessly violent? How many are apathetic to the world around them? How many of you are standing by while life is screaming past so loudly that you are deafened to the pleas of those you are charged to? How many generations under your care must be destroyed before you will demand “NO MORE” and will be that change? How many of you will stop bull-shitting yourself and start standing for your children, grand-children, and generations that you will never see? How many of you will be that legacy that is talked about for decades after you pass because you were the deep roots of your family tree?

I am calling on you, today, to decide to be the change you want to see in the world. To reject the notion of toxic-masculinity. To not be afraid of what the world says you are, you are called to be the leader of your family, the protection that they enjoy because you keep the storms of life at bay, the one who they know will be a safe harbor of food and shelter when all seems lost around them. I am calling on you to join me in this fight to be the patriarch that this world demands from you and I. Will you join the fight and share the burden, or will you sit idly by while your neighbor rails against the evils of this world?


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